An addiction is an obsessive, uncontrollable and often harmful attachment to an activity, behaviour or substance. People can become addicted to all sorts of things but it is most commonly associated with drugs, gambling, alcohol, the Internet, nicotine or food. According to the NHS, around two million people in the UK are struggling with an addiction.

If a person is dependent on a particular substance or activity to get through daily life, it is quite likely that they have an addiction. That person may find it increasingly difficult to control their urges resulting in relationships, work-life and overall well-being suffering. The brain chemicals which are naturally released when we engage in positive interactions are substituted by the artificial feelings brought on by addictive substance or behaviour. The more we engage in that behaviour, the more that behaviour or substance is needed to attain the feelings necessary to make us feel good.

Typically an addiction begins as a habit – a behavioural pattern that is not particularly damaging. Over time it can become more powerful and advanced, eventually interfering with a person’s quality of life.

How hypnotherapy can help

When we reduce our anxiety, we gain greater intellectual control of our lives and lesson the grip of the primitive emotional mind, the part of the mind which promotes the addictive behaviour. The length of time the addiction has existed need not be a factor in the number of sessions required to effect dramatic change. A permanent resolution can normally be attained in a very short period of time.