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Whether you are looking for confidence, better sleep, improved relationships, an end to feelings of loneliness, or any other improvement, I can help you get the very best out of life.

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Why Hypnotherapy?

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Conditions Hypnotherapy can help with

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We have already been in the deepest possible hypnotic trance every time we dream at night when we are in the Rapid Eye Movement state. Hypnosis is simply tapping into this stage while we are awake. Most Rapid Eye Movement we ever experienced was in the three months before we were born when our brain was being programmed with the things we needed to survive e.g. knowing how to suckle; to avoid dangerous heights; how to learn a language. So, to quickly change unhelpful unconscious learning at any point in life – lack of self confidence, anxiety, low self esteem, weight problems, phobias, lack of focus etc. we can go back into the Rapid Eye Movement state. And this we call hypnosis. Using hypnosis, nature’s inbuilt programming state, we can take deliberate control of our unconscious mind to fix unhelpful patterns and get the very best from ourselves.

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