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    Create a better you

    Suffering with stress, anxiety or depression can mean the difference between living an unfulfilled life to one in which we are in control and achieve our very best. Whatever our age, whatever we do for work, wherever we are reading this, negative and destructive thoughts, feelings and behaviours can limit our enjoyment of life and stop us from being our real selves.

    Whether you are looking for better stress management and reduced anxiety, improved confidence, increased focus, happiness, better sleep, improved relationships, an end to feelings of loneliness, or any other improvement, Hypnotherapy with Nick will help you reframe your thinking so that the future becomes only the one you wish to create.

    Nick is a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, motivational speaker and entrepreneur from Bristol, England.

    Why hypnotherapy?

    • Approved by the NHS as a supplementary therapy for stress and anxiety disorders which can have a serious effect on our health

    • Improves the physical symptoms of mental health disorders and plays a vital role in the promotion and protection of good health

    • Uses the latest research in neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and neuro linguistic programming (NLP)

    • Fast and effective, with improvements in quality of life possible from the start of therapy

    • Fun, simple and solution focused, tailored to your needs and goals

    About hypnotherapy

    We have already been in the deepest possible hypnotic trance every time we dream at night when we are in the REM state. In that REM state we replay the events of the day and change them from being an emotional memory into a narrative memory – one that we have control over. Hypnosis is tapping into this stage while we are awake. Most REM we ever experienced was in the three months before we were born when our brain was being programmed with the things we needed to survive e.g. how to walk; to avoid dangerous heights; how to learn a language.

    To quickly change unhelpful unconscious learning at any point in life, whether that’s lack of self confidence, increased anxiety, low self esteem, problems with weight management, phobias, lack of focus etc., we can go back into the REM state. This is what we call hypnosis. Nature’s inbuilt programming state allows us to take deliberate control of our unconscious mind to fix unhelpful patterns of behaviour. We then instruct the brain to work enormously hard to provide us with a solution to our problems in life and free us from whatever stops us living the life we want.

    Where hypnotherapy helps

    Hypnosis can help transform our lives

    Hypnotherapy can help facilitate change in an almost unending number of conditions. Alongside the most common problems we can experience is blushing, exam nerves, feelings of worthlessness, nail biting, nightmares, skin disorders, asthma, public speaking nerves, relationship issues, tinnitus, high blood pressure, conscious fixation on automatic bodily processes and many more.

    Celebrating success

    In your own words

    I personally have found our sessions to be immeasurably helpful, life-changing in fact (!) and I can identify so many positive changes that hypnotherapy has allowed me to make in my life, which genuinely means so much to me. I really am struggling to articulate how much my life has changed for the better since starting sessions last year. But I am actually feeling much more positive now that I will be able to continue to apply these changes going forward, as I think I now have a much greater awareness of what allows me to remain in the positive head space /empty my stress bucket and I’m feeling more confident that I can continue to keep doing these things moving forward… And really *want* to. I feel incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity and want to say a huge thank you to you for all your help. I know you will say that it is really me that has helped myself, but I really am so grateful to you Nick.

    Nick, I really don’t know what to say. Just a few months ago I really felt my life was falling apart. I couldn’t see anything positive in my life even though, as you showed me, there was so much right in front of my eyes already. I felt ready to throw it all in and how selfish was that of me! It’s as though I’m now seeing in colour again and no longer in black and white. My marriage is stronger as I no longer feel I’m harming it with all those negative thoughts about my husband and my kids somehow seem to be doing better too. I really want to thank you for helping me help myself to be a happier person.

    Happy to say Nick that I continue to be alcohol free. I feel just like I did before my alcohol habit started. It’s so helpful to have the understanding of how the brain works. Whenever I feel a little stressed and the temptation to have a glass of wine is there, I can see now why this is happening. It seems everyone wants to give themself a label and for me that was ‘drinker.’ But by doing that I ignored everything else that I was good at. I feel clear headed and confident and I know that this will continue because I understand more about myself and how these things work. I think I’m ready to help others just like you’ve helped me. Thank you Nick

    I very much appreciated the time you allowed me to concentrate on an area of my life that I wanted to improve upon. For me, that was having more patience with my children so I find myself shouting at them less. For me, I found the sessions really beneficial and they were also a chance to acknowledge that I could adapt my approach to the children at times so we all get on better. It was good to learn a bit about the process of hypnotherapy and I can imagine there are many applications for it to transform people’s lives.

    Hi Nick, I don’t know how such small changes have made such a big difference to me. We’re all encouraged, more so now than ever, to talk about mental health issues as if just saying what our problems are helps them to go away. I had done this for years, shopping around from one therapist to another, thinking they never really understood what was wrong, so couldn’t help me. When you suggested that I focus on desired outcomes it was like I began to see the old me again. I started to remember how good it felt to feel good. Hypnotherapy has been amazing. I knew our time together would be good because I felt that connection straight away. You made me feel happy to come to therapy and I can’t thank you enough.

    Up until now I’ve felt overwhelmed with thoughts about the future. It was just all panic and I ended up spending evenings alone at home worrying, worrying, worrying.… All I could see was my friends getting on with their lives. Well, it seemed like they all were but we never really know what another person is thinking. I knew nothing about hypnotherapy or how it could help or even if there was anything wrong with me. All I knew was that if I continued to think that way then I would continue to act that way. Now I’m looking forward to everything I will do with my life and I know that coming to you was the best decision I could have made. I’m so grateful to you because you showed me that we’ve all got it within us to make a better version of ourselves.


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